After announcing the dismissal of Jose Mourinho, the job that Manchester United football team management needs to do right away is looking for people to sit on the “hot chair” at Old Trafford. Soon after Jose Mourinho was sacked, the media and experts immediately questioned who would replace the “Special One” at Manchester United, when England’s top team were in a deep depression.

Michael Carrick

In theory, the opportunity for Carrick to be officially appointed is very small when he has never had the experience of leading a club. But if his job is done well when given the opportunity, Carrick still has the ability to become the official coach of Old Trafford – which he once aspired to be a player.

Eddie Howe

On the world football map, Coach Eddie Howe is an unfamiliar name. But for those who regularly watch Bournemouth club matches, they will see how Howe is talented. When Arsene Wenger coached the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal had a reputation for wanting Howe’s service, but failed.

Howe is good at predicting a team. Thanks to him, Bournemouth Club with a “dripping” financial potential still maintained the top position in the Premier League rankings for the last two seasons. In the case of failure before the top options, Coach Howe is the choice MU should consider.

Antonio Conte

After being dismissed by the Chelsea leadership in the summer of 2018, coach Antonio Conte has not found a new stop for himself. Not long ago, the Italian coach announced he would return to work in early 2019. A series of sources confirmed Conte re-exported in Real Madrid shirt, but that did not happen.

During the past time, the press has not yet announced that Conte intends to lead MU, or the Old Trafford team leader is interested in former Chelsea manager. However, when Mourinho was fired, Conte still fell into unemployment, still likely the Italian coach will take office at Old Trafford.