Undoubtedly, football has a huge attraction. It has become the most popular sport on the planet and is honored as king sport. Hundreds of millions of fans in different continents are ready to cheer for football matches at the stadium or wake up to watch live reports of those competitions on television.

Football fans are not only passionate about playing football and watching football, they are also anxious to follow the news of soccer matches. They were sobbing, sad and happy with their favorite ball and team. Even fans have collapsed because of football. Football is so popular that globally, the football industry has been formed with no small revenue. There are star players who earn tens of millions of dollars each year directly from their professional football activities.

Football is a typical antagonist. In this subject, players belong to two factions that compete in opposing style, not just on the tracks to finish the goal. Not only that, they also face each other directly, not through the grid in the middle of the field like volleyball.

Of course sports are essentially competitive, competitive. But perhaps no other subject has a level of “fighting” as big as football. Even physical resistance martial arts, including those with very high force elements like boxing, also lag behind football in terms of fighting and attractiveness.

When the two teams rush to fight for the ball and find a way to kick each other’s goal, they are like two real battle teams. Players on the field play the role of mighty warriors. The warriors also had “sacrifices” and “bloodshed”, when the two sides hit each other hard and were injured …

Football matches are the result of many diverse combinations. The number of players on the field is quite large, making the game exciting and large-scale. The diversity is further increased when the football field is not divided by a row of middle grid, making the two players can mix together, penetrate each other’s yard and create more “combinations”. new.