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Ramos rejected Pique’s criticism

Sergio Ramos responded in response to defender Gerard Pique’s speech. He said that Real Madrid did not deserve to win the super-classic match which took place in the morning of 2/3.

“I respect all opinions, but I want to win every super classic, despite playing as badly as Pique describes it. Each team has a different approach to the game. In the first half, Real gave way to the game.

In the second half, we decided to speed up and win. We are not amateur players, the whole team tried to take advantage of scoring opportunities, “Goal said. Real Madrid chief.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ramos

Although happy with the victory over rivals Barcelona, ​​Sergio Ramos said that Real Madrid needs to focus on the hard times ahead.

“We have won 3 points, but the season is still long. Me and my teammates will have to keep their feet on the ground. I feel great that I have won and rose to No. 1 on the charts. “The whole team worked hard all the time, Real Madrid deserved to win,” Ramos added.

Real overcame Barca with 2 goals from Vinicious and Mariano Diaz. Both players reached their own milestones after a goal against Barca. Vinicius striker replaced Lionel Messi to become the youngest player to score in the super classic match in the 21st century.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ramos

Opta statistics page said the Brazilian striker hit the net Barca at the age of 19 and 233 days. In 2007, Messi scored against Real when the Argentinian striker was 19 years old and 259 days.

As for Mariano, he became the first Dominican player to score in a super classic. No. 24 of Real ended the great rival with a goal scored 2-0.

With the victory in the super classic match, Zinedine Zidane’s army regained the top of the La Liga table, they had 56 points after 26 matches. It is 1 point more than Barcelona.

Gareth Bale was undisciplined and lost confidence in Real Madrid

Real Madrid still showed strength in the absence of Bale. At this point, any position in coach Zidane’s team can score. And this could be a sign that Gareth Bale is about to be eliminated by Real Madrid.

Bale has been absent for 6 matches in this 2019/20 season for a variety of reasons. He was banned for 1 match for a red card, missed 2 matches because of an injury and was not registered in the remaining 3 games when coach Zidane followed the advice of the medical department.

Gareth Bale vo ky luat va danh mat niem tin o Real Madrid hinh anh 2

At a time when his relationship with coach Zidane was healing after the summer of 2019, the tension was back. What coach Zidane can explain about the mysterious disappearance of Bale is due to lack of fitness and Real Madrid do not want to risk.

However, it was unacceptable for him to “not be ready to play because he was in trouble” or “to come to London”.

Bale thinks coach Zidane punished him and didn’t want to suffer it any more. Immediately, he asked his agent Jonathan Barnett to plan to leave Real Madrid in January 2020 on the grounds that he did not receive the recognition or protection he deserved. However, no club in Europe wants to sign Bale because of a salary of 17 million euros per season with a history of injury.

Gareth Bale vo ky luat va danh mat niem tin o Real Madrid hinh anh 3

It was he who created the confrontation with coach Zidane, not from the media. Bale even asked Real Madrid not to disclose information about the injury. This is only a very small part of his separation from the group, which has been a long process, not until now. For Bale, life at Real Madrid now only serves golf passion, not football.

However, he is no longer important to Real Madrid because now Zidane has Eden Hazard, Rodrygo and is constantly publicizing his intention to recruit Kylian Mbappe. The numbers also prove this.

If leaving 2 goals and 2 assists of Bale, Real Madrid only lost 3 points in La Liga 2019/20. Meanwhile, his stay with unhappy after the turbulent 2019 summer brought trouble.

He put personal interests first and always seemed to be separate in the dressing room. He always plays in a personal, selfish, non-compliance tactic, instability and does not really meet the expectations of the leadership as well as the fans.