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Gareth Bale was undisciplined and lost confidence in Real Madrid

Real Madrid still showed strength in the absence of Bale. At this point, any position in coach Zidane’s team can score. And this could be a sign that Gareth Bale is about to be eliminated by Real Madrid.

Bale has been absent for 6 matches in this 2019/20 season for a variety of reasons. He was banned for 1 match for a red card, missed 2 matches because of an injury and was not registered in the remaining 3 games when coach Zidane followed the advice of the medical department.

Gareth Bale vo ky luat va danh mat niem tin o Real Madrid hinh anh 2

At a time when his relationship with coach Zidane was healing after the summer of 2019, the tension was back. What coach Zidane can explain about the mysterious disappearance of Bale is due to lack of fitness and Real Madrid do not want to risk.

However, it was unacceptable for him to “not be ready to play because he was in trouble” or “to come to London”.

Bale thinks coach Zidane punished him and didn’t want to suffer it any more. Immediately, he asked his agent Jonathan Barnett to plan to leave Real Madrid in January 2020 on the grounds that he did not receive the recognition or protection he deserved. However, no club in Europe wants to sign Bale because of a salary of 17 million euros per season with a history of injury.

Gareth Bale vo ky luat va danh mat niem tin o Real Madrid hinh anh 3

It was he who created the confrontation with coach Zidane, not from the media. Bale even asked Real Madrid not to disclose information about the injury. This is only a very small part of his separation from the group, which has been a long process, not until now. For Bale, life at Real Madrid now only serves golf passion, not football.

However, he is no longer important to Real Madrid because now Zidane has Eden Hazard, Rodrygo and is constantly publicizing his intention to recruit Kylian Mbappe. The numbers also prove this.

If leaving 2 goals and 2 assists of Bale, Real Madrid only lost 3 points in La Liga 2019/20. Meanwhile, his stay with unhappy after the turbulent 2019 summer brought trouble.

He put personal interests first and always seemed to be separate in the dressing room. He always plays in a personal, selfish, non-compliance tactic, instability and does not really meet the expectations of the leadership as well as the fans.

The hottest match on the planet reappeared in the Copa Libertadores

After creating a troubling final last season, the two giants of Argentine football, River Plate and Boca Juniors, are set to reunite at the Copa Libertadores.

This time, both will encounter in the semi-finals, not the final as a year ago. In the quarterfinals, River Plate defeated Paraguay’s Cerro Porteno 3-1 after two matches. Boca Juniors beat LDU Quito with a total score of 3-0.

These two rival teams will play the first leg at River Plate’s El Monumental on October 1. The second leg took place 3 weeks later at Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera “sanctuary.

The winning team will meet Flamengo or Gremio (both Brazilian) in the final. This season, Boca Juniors got a significant addition, Daniele De Rossi. While River Plate retains the old frame with star Juan Quintero.

River Plate meets Boca Juniors called Superclasico “Super Classics”. This match is considered the most harsh and attractive in South American football.

Tran dau nong nhat hanh tinh lai xuat hien o Copa Libertadores hinh anh 1

Last season, these two giants turned the Copa Libertadores final into the focus of the world with troubles both off the pitch. According to the organizers’ schedule, the final match between the two teams in the previous season will take place at 3:00 on November 25.

However, Superclasico was unable to take place because the visitors’ bus was attacked by River Plate fanatics on their way to Vespucio Liberti. Bottles, stone bricks broke the glass door and injured Boca’s players.

After that, the final was postponed twice and forced to hold at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu to avoid negative developments. In Spain, there was no clash between the fans of the two teams. River Plate finally won the team with a score of 3-1 to win South America.

However, the match still has painful consequences. Exequiel Aaron Neris – a River Plate fan who was stabbed to death by two Boca Juniors fans shortly after the 2018 Copa Libertadores final.

Marca quoted sources from local newspaper Clarin, Aaron Neris, who had been attacked by two strangers and had his thigh artery cut. He was taken to the hospital but due to his injuries, the 21-year-old did not survive.

Cristiano Ronaldo considered being a coach when he retired

At age 34, most players around the world have crossed the career or retirement slopes. Even so, Cristiano Ronaldo still plays football at the highest level with Juventus. So far, Ronaldo has played 40 matches and scored 27 goals.

What Ronaldo will do when leaving the pitch is a question that many people care about. Through Goal, he said: “Becoming a coach is one of the options that I will consider.”

The contract between Ronaldo and Juventus expires after the 2021/22 season. Ronaldo was then 37 years old. He revealed that this might be the time to say goodbye after exactly 20 years of playing. Before joining Juventus, Ronaldo wore Sporting Lisbon, Man United and Real Madrid in turn. Everywhere Ronaldo is shining brightly.

Ronaldo continued: “In life and career, you must be humble because you cannot know everything. With a smart athlete, you need to learn from the smallest to improve. In Juventus, my adaptation is perfect. The team found it right to recruit me. But Ronaldo is always proud of his best efforts.

He stressed: “Ask me why I won 5 gold balls and 5 times the Champions League.”

Ronaldo and his teammates won the Serie A 2018/19 early 5 matches. But CR7’s first season in Italy was not complete when Juventus soon stopped in the Champions League. Ronaldo scored both goals for Juventus in the quarter-final and second-legged match, but the collective play of the team made “Old Lady” fall to Ajax.

In recent years, many world-class football players have followed their coaching career after retiring: Zinedine Zidane, Gary Neville, Steven Gerarrd, Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry and Filippo Inzaghi.

Ronaldo excitedly celebrated his 2-year-old son’s goal. During his break, Cristiano Ronaldo spent time playing football with his twin sons Ever and Mateo. After he successfully scored a penalty, CR7 celebrated his emotions.