This information means that Liverpool cannot win the Premier League. British media reported that the Premier League organizers wanted to get the opinions of 20 participating clubs.

They wanted before officially making a decision on the 2019/20 season next week. This means that Liverpool will not be able to lift the first Premier League championship in history.

Liverpool fans have grounds to worry. Last weekend, British media reported that many clubs filed a request to cancel the 2019/20 Premier League season.

Decisions made by the Premier League are independent, based on opinions from shareholders. The Football Association of England (FA) has no right to direct or interfere in the organization of the tournament.

According to Premier League rules, the championship is given to a team only when 38 rounds of the season are completed.

Manchester United and Sheffield United will not want to cancel the result because the current rankings are in their favor. If the 2019/20 Premier League season is canceled, European Cup places can be calculated according to the previous season and no relegation team.

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To ensure fairness, the Premier League can increase the team participating in a season to help the Championship teams. The two teams are ranked 3rd and 5th, respectively, in the standings – will not want the results of the 2019/20 season to be canceled.

The Premier League is still waiting for a verdict from UEFA about when to hold EURO 2020 before the next plan is given. The leader of European football is considering two options, organize EURO at the end of 2020 or move to the summer of 2021.

The Premier League is facing many difficulties and unprecedented problems in history. In Italy, the clubs in Serie A recently rejected suggestions in Serie A considering plans to cancel the results of the season.