The Italian midfielder joined Boca Juniors in the summer transfer window but decided to retire after just over 6 months.

De Rossi’s retirement decision was not due to injury but from the fact that he was away from his family while playing in Argentina.

Speaking to the media at the farewell press conference, the Italian midfielder said: “I don’t have any health problems. I just want to be with my daughter. The family misses me and I too. miss them”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho De Rossi

“I am very happy to work with the new management. They tried to persuade me to stay but the decision was made. They wanted me to think about this for a few days and offered to help. But, I I just need to go home. I’m not just saying goodbye to a club in my heart, but also making a decision to break up football, “Goal quoted De Rossi.

De Rossi joined Boca Juniors in July 2019 and made his debut against Almagro in the Copa Argentina a month later. However, he has only made five appearances for the club so far. A hamstring injury during a confrontation with River Plate in September 2019 forced the Italian midfielder to sit out most of his time in Argentina.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho De Rossi

“I don’t want to go into details. I think I explained everything. My eldest daughter is the only one in Italy. She lives well, is not in danger, but needs her father to be with her. If I were somewhere else in Europe, I would be about an hour away from my daughter, “the former AS Roma midfielder said.

“I will leave my heart here. I will continue to be a part of Boca Juniors. Perhaps destiny will bring us back together again. I will continue to watch you guys. People I met here very well and I will never forget this experience. This decision was not made in a hurry. It was thought by me some time ago. “

Before moving to Boca Juniors, De Rossi spent his entire career with AS Roma, where he made 616 appearances in 18 years.