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Where is the Argentina squad to win the 2008 Olympic gold medal

The generation of players Argentina won the 2008 Olympic gold medal, most of them had successful careers, in which the outstanding stars were Messi, Aguero and Di Maria.

Goalkeeper Sergio Romero (Man Utd): Player born in 1987, who takes care of his role for David de Gea at Old Trafford. In our weight, one thing is different.

Defender Pablo Zabaleta (West Ham): After winning the Men’s soccer gold medal in the Olympics, Zabaleta joined Man City. Here, he won two Premier League titles and is now nursing at West Ham club.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đội tuyển argentina

Defender Nicolas Pareja (Kerala FC): The player born in 1984 has many years of top flight with Sevilla, won two Europa League titles and is now experiencing his final years at the Indian League.

Defender Ezequiel Garay (unemployed): After the Olympic medal, Garay was recruited by Real Madrid in 2009 but did not have many opportunities to prove his talent. He switched to many clubs like Benfica, Zenit and has just finished his contract with Valencia.

Luciano Monzon defender (unemployed): The left-back in the match of Argentina’s gold medal has a decent career. Monzon competes unsuccessfully in Europe and is only hanging around in tournaments in South America. The player born in 1987 fell into a joblessness after the Universidad de Chile extension of his contract.

Midfielder Javier Mascherano (Hebei China Fortune): Mascherano shines in the Premier League with Liverpool and is recruited by Barcelona in 2010. At the Camp Nou, he won five La Liga titles, two Champions League titles and is now focused on making money at the Chinese league.

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Midfielder Fernando Gago (unemployed): Gago has 5 seasons to wear Real Madrid from 2006 to 2011, but does not leave too many imprints. After Roma, Valencia, the 1986 midfielder returned to his hometown to play for Boca Juniors and had just finished his contract with the Bombonera.

Midfielder Juan Riquelme (retired): Argentine Olympic “maestro” competes for six more seasons in Boca Juniors colors before retiring in 2014.

The referee made an unbelievable mistake in J.League

Fans have just witnessed one of the most silly mistakes in the history of the Japanese league. Unbelievable mistake of referee J.League CDV has just witnessed one of the most silly mistakes in the history of the Japanese league.

The incident occurred in the 31st minute of the match between Urawa Red Diamonds and Shonan Bellmare. Daiki Sugioka after a ball effort has hit the ball from 16.5 m. The ball reached the goalkeeper‘s goal, bouncing the column before going into the net.

While Sugioka and his teammates were celebrating, the main referee Yumoto Yamamoto did not have any reaction. The Urawa Diamonds owner just conceded the ball but calmly went from the home and almost got a goal if goalkeeper Akimoto was not on guard.

Watching the slow spin, the referee took a valid goal from Shonan Bellmare. The ball went over the lime line nearly 1 m after bouncing the column. The force caused the ball to bounce back to the position of goalkeeper Nishikawa, making the referee think the ball had hit two columns.

The host keeper dejectedly threw the ball up but the referee thought it was a pass for his teammates. The decisive mistake of the referee team made Shonan just lost his goal and nearly conceded.

“The new time is May, but the craziest situation in 2019 appeared,” Goal.com described Yamamoto’s silly mistake. J.League is considered as one of the top leagues in Asia, so similar incidents are extremely rare.

Returning to the match, Shonan was stripped of the goal but was still able to complete a spectacular uproar at Urawa Red’s home field. Leaving the opponent ahead 2-0 after 25 minutes but the troop of Coach Kwi Jea Cho could still win 3-2 against the match thanks to the 3 phase goals coming in the second half.

Urawa Red and Shonan Bellmare offer fans a match with lots of goals and an extremely humorous situation. The ball rolled over the lime line, but the referee thought of bouncing 2 columns and then came to the position of the home team keeper.