All those who are introduced here are talented, adept strategists, but for the unfortunate, they can not become great in European football.

Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri is a controversial figure in the coaching football world. He was invited by many clubs to lead, but always suspected of the ability to hold troops. With 29 years in the profession, he has coached 16 different teams but has nowhere in place for more than four years. Surprisingly, Ranieri is often invited by big clubs to work, although his talents are always suspected such as Napoli, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Inter …

Rafael Benitez

On the day he went to Real Madrid as the head coach, Raimon Benitez choked: “Finally, I will be back home too.” But just six months later, the “home” is ready to remove this 55-year-old strategist on their team. They so thicken the list of clubs he has experienced over 10 years into the profession.

In the fact, Benitez is a talented manager. He had won several trophies in Europe when he won the 2005 Champions League with Liverpool. He twice won the Europa League with Valencia (2004) and as a temporary manager of Chelsea two years ago. In addition, he helped Valencia win the La Liga in 2002 and 2004. On his personal title, Rafael Benitez has been named the UEFA coach for two consecutive seasons. But for some reason (mostly from eccentricity and conservatism), Benitez can not become a great coach.

Roy Hodgson

Harry Redknapp is evaluated that’s the No. 1 candidate in many searches for the leader of football teams. Besides, he was an elderly man but did not have a career not too prominent. At the 1994 World Cup, he had led the Swiss squad to a 16th round and rose to the top of the FIFA world rankings in the Euro 1996 qualifiers.

At the club level, his performance was much more modest. He was leading to 16 different clubs, but he failed at all the big ones, from Inter, through Blackburn to Liverpool. In addition to five consecutive Swedish Championships with Malmo in the late 1980s, Hodgson’s biggest achievement at the club level was to bring Fulham to the Europa League final in 2009-2010 (losing to Atletico Madrid team).