45 years ago, on June 19, 1974 saw Johan Cruyff’s classic ball at the World Cup in Germany, the moment that all still known as “Cruyff turn”.

It was the match between Sweden and the Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup group with the main character Cruyff, the supporting character being defender Jan Olsson. Arie Hann brought the ball to the left corner of Sweden. Cruyff kept the ball, and Olsson blocked the ball.

Johan Cruyff va cu ngoat bong thay doi the gioi hinh anh 2

Everything made by Olsson is perfect, from putting pressure from behind to guessing Cruyff’s direction of movement through body movements to provide a suitable foot posture.

When Cruyff was forced to turn his back to the goal and swing his right leg up, and his left shoulder dropped, they all thought of a ball that the Dutch number 14 had to pass to find help from the team. .

But Cruyff, in a perfect move, used his right foot to hit the heel of the ball to the back of the base and immediately turned to rush forward, escaping Olsson’s close follow-up.

Nearly 54,000 spectators present at the Westfalen stadium were shocked. Olsson is completely unexpected. He tried to turn around but could not make it and nearly collapsed, only to see Cruyff escape.

Olsson later told author David Winner of the Brilliant Orange that: “I have played 18 years of high football, wearing the national team 17 times. But the moment that Cruyff surpassed was the moment that made me … most proud of my career. I don’t feel insulted, because facing a genius is not sad?”

Johan Cruyff va cu ngoat bong thay doi the gioi hinh anh 3

Guardian’s Scott Murray pen, for example, said Olsson did exactly 999,999 out of a million possible possibilities, but still failed because Cruyff was the owner of the remaining ball.

What did Cruyff himself say about this great turning point? In the autobiography “My turn”, the Dutch legendary legend talks about making the ball in 1974 as follows: “This turning point I have never done when practicing!” It suddenly came to mind because it was the best solution for my situation, at that particular moment.”