In England, football has always been considered a national identity, it shows the spirit and position of this country in the world. Football has always been a topic to discuss lively, sometimes bringing joy and regret to me and the British people.

For someone who is knowledgeable about England and football like me, I will reveal more interesting things about this sport. It is noted that a carved image of a ball near the medieval city of Bristol, and the first soccer shoes belonged to Henry VIII, who made a pair for his collection in the year 1526.

At first, football was a rather violent sport compared to today. However, in the past few decades, football has evolved from a violent sport to a sport of speed and technology, attracting the participation of highly qualified players.

The development of football also reflects the social change taking place in England. In the 1970s and 1980s, football fans and police all liked violence, which was the result of non-industrial processes and rising unemployment in the economy. Today, the picture of English football has also become brighter, the football fields from Cambridge Temple Bournemouth have also become more attractive.

Exciting debates broke out in pubs all over the country on the cause of losing the match in penalty shootouts against the Germans. It has been suggested that since the Premier League Football League was established in 1992, television companies have made billions of pounds from buying broadcast rights.

However, instead of sharing the profits, private companies began buying local clubs and hiring foreign players to increase the attractiveness of English football. Therefore, football is no longer funded by people and no longer attracts local talents. Is that why we failed at the shootouts? I don’t think so, but this will be a topic to debate when you come to England next time.