Former Liverpool captain asked coach Jurgen Klopp to train. He touched so many thanks to his former team during the American Football League break to prepare for the new football season. Steven Gerrard is considered a legendary figure living at Anfield. Before joining Los Angeles Galaxy last summer, the British senior midfielder has 17 years to contribute to Liverpool team 1.

After nearly two decades of dedication to “The Kop”, Gerrard played 708 matches, scoring 186 goals and helping the club win 10 titles, most notably two FA Cup and 1 Champions League titles. Gerrard’s training and his former teammates took place in the rain. Many people joked that Gerrard turned the sun from California to rain on Merseyside.

According to Independent news, in addition to the plan to practice with Liverpool to maintain the physical foundation, Gerrard is also said to be trying to negotiate back to the old team. Meanwhile, some sources said that Gerrard could sign a short-term loan deal to help Liverpool at the end of the season.

However, coach Jurgen Klopp confirmed that the team has no plans to recruit Gerrard. Everything just stopped at the training sessions. The former Liverpool captain took a picture with The Kop fans while attending the Swansea win 1-0 over the weekend.

In a recent interview, Gerrard insisted that he was excited to practice with his former teammates. The former England international also believes Liverpool’s playing style has changed a lot compared to Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool of coach Jurgen Klopp is making drastic changes this season about thinking of playing football with the goal of winning the championship.

There was no need to wait until beating Huddersfield 1-0 with the game that Liverpool chose not to rush to attack in most of the match. They do this to preserve the score, so fans will see “The Kop” this season differently than they were in the past.