Unable to find the whistle, the referee Derek Packer asked for help to the harmonica trumpet of the chairman’s son to control the match in the British amateur tournament.

In the match between Tiptree Engraine and Stanway Rovers in the Sunday League (the amateur league of English football) over the weekend, a rare accident happened when the referee … forgot the schedule and didn’t present at the stadium even when the ball is about to roll.

This disastrous incident caused the organizers of the match to go frantically in search of a “fire-fighting” plan. And finally, they decided to ask Derek Packer, a fan on the field and graduated from the referee training class.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Derek Packer

Suddenly assigned the task, this 50-year-old man happily accepted and quickly went home to get “tools” to return to control the match. However, trouble happened again when Mr. Packer could not find the whistle that came with his referee’s outfit. In a confused moment, this man flashed a bold idea.

He noticed in his friend’s car and Tiptree Engraine Club President David Pomphrett had a harmonica that his son left. Incredibly, the “referee” Packer was forced to use it to control this match.

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Sharing with Sportbible, President Pomphrett said: “At that time, the referee was not present, while it was getting dark and the lighting conditions were not guaranteed. We did not have a whistle, but there was a harmonica trumpet. My son, Alex, is walking in the car, both teams are present, and we are forced to let the match take place under the control of a harmonica sound, “he recalled.

According to the fans present, they are even more concerned about whether the referee blows each note in different situations rather than keeping an eye on the happenings on the pitch.

“Each note makes the fans feel confused, but to be honest, they are more attracted to the harmonica sound than the referee’s whistle. As for the players, they also understand that this is a controlled game. by amateur arbitration, so no big controversy has occurred “, this chairman shared.