The World Cup that’s an international football tournament is organized by the World Federation of Football (FIFA) once every four years for all national football teams of FIFA member countries. The World Football Federation (FIFA) is considering shortening the time of organizing World Cup as proposed by the Confederation of South American Football (CONMEBOL). Alejandro Dominguez is president of CONMEBOL.

According to the football news whose name is Independent, he has asked FIFA to shorten the duration of the World Cup to two years instead of the usual four. This is the original idea of Sepp Blatter who is ​​former FIFA’s president. It had been strongly opposed at the time yet. But Dominguez backed the change because it would create economic benefits for FIFA as well as the players. They will have more other opportunities to attend the most prestigious league level in the world.

“I always say that we have to talk about this.” I never say no, that’s always why not.”, Dominguez said this in the press conference ahead of the Copa Libertadores final. And he always support the idea of ​​shortening the duration of the World Cup to two years instead of four years.

In his opinion, Instead of organizing the Nations League every year, they can hold a World Cup in two years. The World Cup is for all. There will be many players to participate  in 4 times. If you keep the current model, there are many players who can only participate in World Cup in 2 times of all their careers.

He had found this opportunity, and FIFA needed to look at them. Nations League can go to Asia, South America, North America or Africa. From their economic standpoint, FIFA can be very profitable. This is Dominguez’s solution when there are discussions about how FIFA had organized the Nations League version for the continents (like UEFA is doing for Europe) yet to go.