Sports do not regret the beauty for Roger Federer after he defeated Nadal after 4 sets to enter the Wimbledon final 2019. Federer after winning against Nadal had his 12th Wimbledon final in his career. If you beat Novak Djokovic, you will have the 9th place here, where the Swiss player is named a legend.

On social networks, there are fans who have likened Federer to Cristiano Ronaldo. Both are one of the best at their sport, and the two still play very well despite not being at the age of fitness.

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Christopher Abaye’s account commented: “What Federer did was unbelievable. He’s like Cristiano Ronaldo of football. They’re the ones who proved age is just a number.”

Federer’s victory over Nadal convinced many names in the sports world, not only in the football club. On the personal page, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea shared: “Thank Federer for making me love tennis.”

Former Rio Ferdinand midfielder exclaimed: “A legend is still going on”. Meanwhile, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant admired the performance of the two players in the Wimbledon semi-final.

Before Nadal, Federer performed beautifully, effectively. He hit the net accurately, launching left-footed shots. On the other side of the net, Nadal also played quite well but not enough to subdue the Swiss legend on the field of his forte.

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Nadal himself acknowledged the opponent’s excellence. He wrote on his personal page: “A great match, and Roger is the worthy winner. I had some chances but he played better. Good luck in the final.”

Meanwhile, Federer said after the game that this is one of his favorite performances and will definitely review the match with Nadal. The Swiss player also said he could not celebrate after this victory because there are still finals ahead with Djokovic.