Many people say that football is a popular sport, but others say basketball is the best sport. To know the difference between these two sports, let’s compare basketball and football in this article.

The shape of the ball

Although both basketball and soccer use a ball made from leather or synthetic leather, their differences vary:

– Basketball is round and has good bounce.

– Football is also in a round shape but does not bounce as well as basketball. Football is designed to fly better in the air and is easier to catch. In addition, basketball is heavier than football.

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Basketball courts are shorter and much narrower than football fields. According to FIBA ​​standards, the basketball court is approximately 28.6m x 15m (length x width). But according to NBA and NCAA, the standard size of a basketball court is 28.65m x 15.24m. Meanwhile, the size of a professional football field is 105m x 68m (length x width).

Indoor basketball courts are usually made of wood, while soccer fields use natural or synthetic grass.

Number of players

Both basketball and soccer are considered team sports because there are many people playing at the same time. Basketball teams are allowed to play with five players on the field at the same time, while soccer teams play up to 11 people at a time (almost double). Basketball teams usually have 12 to 15 players on the team, while soccer players can range from 50 professional players to 85 people.

So sánh bóng rổ và bóng đá để khám phá sự khác biệt của chúng 3


Football and basketball have different playing styles because based on different rules. Football with confrontations and physical bumps on each occasion while basketball is a non-contact sport and, according to the rules of physical contact in basketball, is considered a violation that can lead to an error. Basketball matches have a higher score than football, although basketball teams are only awarded 2 to 3 points for an execution goal and 1 point for a free throw. Football level 6 points for one-touch, 3 points for a goal on the field, and 2 points for safety, but scoring goals is much less frequent than in basketball.

Duration of a match

The duration of a football match is significantly longer than that of a basketball match. Professional football matches will take approximately 90 minutes, while basketball games will last approximately 40 minutes at the professional level. It is important to note that both football and basketball have extra time, fouls, and breaks, which means that both of them last much longer than the main time specified in a match.