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Why is football attractive “magic”

Undoubtedly, football has a huge attraction. It has become the most popular sport on the planet and is honored as king sport. Hundreds of millions of fans in different continents are ready to cheer for football matches at the stadium or wake up to watch live reports of those competitions on television.

Football fans are not only passionate about playing football and watching football, they are also anxious to follow the news of soccer matches. They were sobbing, sad and happy with their favorite ball and team. Even fans have collapsed because of football. Football is so popular that globally, the football industry has been formed with no small revenue. There are star players who earn tens of millions of dollars each year directly from their professional football activities.

Football is a typical antagonist. In this subject, players belong to two factions that compete in opposing style, not just on the tracks to finish the goal. Not only that, they also face each other directly, not through the grid in the middle of the field like volleyball.

Of course sports are essentially competitive, competitive. But perhaps no other subject has a level of “fighting” as big as football. Even physical resistance martial arts, including those with very high force elements like boxing, also lag behind football in terms of fighting and attractiveness.

When the two teams rush to fight for the ball and find a way to kick each other’s goal, they are like two real battle teams. Players on the field play the role of mighty warriors. The warriors also had “sacrifices” and “bloodshed”, when the two sides hit each other hard and were injured …

Football matches are the result of many diverse combinations. The number of players on the field is quite large, making the game exciting and large-scale. The diversity is further increased when the football field is not divided by a row of middle grid, making the two players can mix together, penetrate each other’s yard and create more “combinations”. new.

Jordan suddenly defeated the Australian football team in the 2019 Asian Cup

The Asian Cup is the Asian Football Cup hosted by the Asian Football Federation (AFC), which takes place every 4 years. The first time the Asian Cup took place in Hong Kong in 1956, that year 4 national teams participated as the first champion to be a Korean team.

After the 2018 World Cup, the Australian team had many changes such as replacing the Dutch coach, Bert van Marwijk with Graham Arnold returning to lead the “Socceroos”, as well as formally handing over young forces and aspirations.Although Australia has no more famous stars like Tim Cahill, the force with the majority of players in England such as goalkeeper Mathew Ryan playing for Brighton & Hove or Massimo Luongo midfielder playing for Queens Park Rangers … is also worthwhile. Said, is the bright candidate of this year’s Asian Cup champion.

In the opening match against Jordan under the radar, despite dominating the match almost all but the Australian midfielders Luongo and Mark Milligan had a day of less creative play, making the star-studded line-up as the Awer Mabil, Tom Rogic, Robbie Kruse or Jamie Maclaren play faintly. In a game that controlled the ball up to 77% but did not make the necessary punches, the Australian defense had to receive Jordan’s “heal” with a goal in 26 minutes.

That is the situation from a corner kick, Salem Mahmoud Suleim defends a beautiful pass to help Anas midfielder Bani Yaseen to attack and attack the head of the area to defeat goalkeeper Mathew Ryan (Australia) opening the score 1-0. for Jordan. After the defeat, during the remainder of the first half and throughout the second half.

Although Australia tried to push up the attacking squad, the lack of creative play made it impossible for them to break through Jordan’s defense, accepting a defeat. With this defeat, the journey to protect Australia’s throne became difficult when the two remaining opponents in the group were Syria and Palestine (meeting in the match at 23 pm on the same day 6.1 – VN time) was identified stronger than Jordan.

Zidane and the candidates replace Mourinho at Manchester United

After announcing the dismissal of Jose Mourinho, the job that Manchester United football team management needs to do right away is looking for people to sit on the “hot chair” at Old Trafford. Soon after Jose Mourinho was sacked, the media and experts immediately questioned who would replace the “Special One” at Manchester United, when England’s top team were in a deep depression.

Michael Carrick

In theory, the opportunity for Carrick to be officially appointed is very small when he has never had the experience of leading a club. But if his job is done well when given the opportunity, Carrick still has the ability to become the official coach of Old Trafford – which he once aspired to be a player.

Eddie Howe

On the world football map, Coach Eddie Howe is an unfamiliar name. But for those who regularly watch Bournemouth club matches, they will see how Howe is talented. When Arsene Wenger coached the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal had a reputation for wanting Howe’s service, but failed.

Howe is good at predicting a team. Thanks to him, Bournemouth Club with a “dripping” financial potential still maintained the top position in the Premier League rankings for the last two seasons. In the case of failure before the top options, Coach Howe is the choice MU should consider.

Antonio Conte

After being dismissed by the Chelsea leadership in the summer of 2018, coach Antonio Conte has not found a new stop for himself. Not long ago, the Italian coach announced he would return to work in early 2019. A series of sources confirmed Conte re-exported in Real Madrid shirt, but that did not happen.

During the past time, the press has not yet announced that Conte intends to lead MU, or the Old Trafford team leader is interested in former Chelsea manager. However, when Mourinho was fired, Conte still fell into unemployment, still likely the Italian coach will take office at Old Trafford.

The most unlucky coaches in European football

All those who are introduced here are talented, adept strategists, but for the unfortunate, they can not become great in European football.

Claudio Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri is a controversial figure in the coaching football world. He was invited by many clubs to lead, but always suspected of the ability to hold troops. With 29 years in the profession, he has coached 16 different teams but has nowhere in place for more than four years. Surprisingly, Ranieri is often invited by big clubs to work, although his talents are always suspected such as Napoli, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Inter …

Rafael Benitez

On the day he went to Real Madrid as the head coach, Raimon Benitez choked: “Finally, I will be back home too.” But just six months later, the “home” is ready to remove this 55-year-old strategist on their team. They so thicken the list of clubs he has experienced over 10 years into the profession.

In the fact, Benitez is a talented manager. He had won several trophies in Europe when he won the 2005 Champions League with Liverpool. He twice won the Europa League with Valencia (2004) and as a temporary manager of Chelsea two years ago. In addition, he helped Valencia win the La Liga in 2002 and 2004. On his personal title, Rafael Benitez has been named the UEFA coach for two consecutive seasons. But for some reason (mostly from eccentricity and conservatism), Benitez can not become a great coach.

Roy Hodgson

Harry Redknapp is evaluated that’s the No. 1 candidate in many searches for the leader of football teams. Besides, he was an elderly man but did not have a career not too prominent. At the 1994 World Cup, he had led the Swiss squad to a 16th round and rose to the top of the FIFA world rankings in the Euro 1996 qualifiers.

At the club level, his performance was much more modest. He was leading to 16 different clubs, but he failed at all the big ones, from Inter, through Blackburn to Liverpool. In addition to five consecutive Swedish Championships with Malmo in the late 1980s, Hodgson’s biggest achievement at the club level was to bring Fulham to the Europa League final in 2009-2010 (losing to Atletico Madrid team).


FIFA considers that the World Cup should be held every two years

The World Cup that’s an international football tournament is organized by the World Federation of Football (FIFA) once every four years for all national football teams of FIFA member countries. The World Football Federation (FIFA) is considering shortening the time of organizing World Cup as proposed by the Confederation of South American Football (CONMEBOL). Alejandro Dominguez is president of CONMEBOL.

According to the football news whose name is Independent, he has asked FIFA to shorten the duration of the World Cup to two years instead of the usual four. This is the original idea of Sepp Blatter who is ​​former FIFA’s president. It had been strongly opposed at the time yet. But Dominguez backed the change because it would create economic benefits for FIFA as well as the players. They will have more other opportunities to attend the most prestigious league level in the world.

“I always say that we have to talk about this.” I never say no, that’s always why not.”, Dominguez said this in the press conference ahead of the Copa Libertadores final. And he always support the idea of ​​shortening the duration of the World Cup to two years instead of four years.

In his opinion, Instead of organizing the Nations League every year, they can hold a World Cup in two years. The World Cup is for all. There will be many players to participate  in 4 times. If you keep the current model, there are many players who can only participate in World Cup in 2 times of all their careers.

He had found this opportunity, and FIFA needed to look at them. Nations League can go to Asia, South America, North America or Africa. From their economic standpoint, FIFA can be very profitable. This is Dominguez’s solution when there are discussions about how FIFA had organized the Nations League version for the continents (like UEFA is doing for Europe) yet to go.