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The referee made an unbelievable mistake in J.League

Fans have just witnessed one of the most silly mistakes in the history of the Japanese league. Unbelievable mistake of referee J.League CDV has just witnessed one of the most silly mistakes in the history of the Japanese league.

The incident occurred in the 31st minute of the match between Urawa Red Diamonds and Shonan Bellmare. Daiki Sugioka after a ball effort has hit the ball from 16.5 m. The ball reached the goalkeeper‘s goal, bouncing the column before going into the net.

While Sugioka and his teammates were celebrating, the main referee Yumoto Yamamoto did not have any reaction. The Urawa Diamonds owner just conceded the ball but calmly went from the home and almost got a goal if goalkeeper Akimoto was not on guard.

Watching the slow spin, the referee took a valid goal from Shonan Bellmare. The ball went over the lime line nearly 1 m after bouncing the column. The force caused the ball to bounce back to the position of goalkeeper Nishikawa, making the referee think the ball had hit two columns.

The host keeper dejectedly threw the ball up but the referee thought it was a pass for his teammates. The decisive mistake of the referee team made Shonan just lost his goal and nearly conceded.

“The new time is May, but the craziest situation in 2019 appeared,” described Yamamoto’s silly mistake. J.League is considered as one of the top leagues in Asia, so similar incidents are extremely rare.

Returning to the match, Shonan was stripped of the goal but was still able to complete a spectacular uproar at Urawa Red’s home field. Leaving the opponent ahead 2-0 after 25 minutes but the troop of Coach Kwi Jea Cho could still win 3-2 against the match thanks to the 3 phase goals coming in the second half.

Urawa Red and Shonan Bellmare offer fans a match with lots of goals and an extremely humorous situation. The ball rolled over the lime line, but the referee thought of bouncing 2 columns and then came to the position of the home team keeper.

Congratulations to Liverpool, but don’t mess with Messi

On social networks, many fans celebrated the battle against Liverpool’s history, but still sympathized with the star Lionel Messi when receiving a humiliating defeat. Going up and down spectacularly at Anfield after losing 0-3 to Barcelona in the first leg, Liverpool deserved a ticket to the 2018/19 Champions League final with a score of 4-3 after the semi-final.

Many readers did not hide their admiration for Juergen Klopp’s victory. A fan commented: “Great Liverpool! People who work hard and have faith can make such a great thing! Not many teams score 4 goals against Barca but don’t lose any goals. . Happy The Kop! The European giant is back to great!”.

In addition to the joys for football fans who support the UK representative, many also expressed sympathy for the defeat that Messi must receive. On social networks, accounts send messages to comfort La Liga champions.

A fan wrote: “No one can rely on a player in a team game! Football is a game of 11 people, not just anyone. Despite losing, Messi is still the best player in the world that we being watched and Ronaldo too.

“Liverpool have played an incredible game, and Messi is still a human being, he is not a machine. Barca cannot win when relying on one person,” he said. In the first leg at the Camp Nou, Messi shined with a double to help Barca dominate with a 3-goal margin against Liverpool.

However, when marching to Anfield, the Argentine superstar alone was not enough to shoulder Barca’s collective performance. He again received bitter defeat in the knockout round of the European Cup and missed an appointment with the championship trophy for the past 4 years.

“You can celebrate the return to Liverpool, but don’t turn into a fool by trying to mock Messi. Congratulations to Klopp’s teachers in peace, such fun is enough. No need to say harsh words to More fun, “said by another.

Cristiano Ronaldo considered being a coach when he retired

At age 34, most players around the world have crossed the career or retirement slopes. Even so, Cristiano Ronaldo still plays football at the highest level with Juventus. So far, Ronaldo has played 40 matches and scored 27 goals.

What Ronaldo will do when leaving the pitch is a question that many people care about. Through Goal, he said: “Becoming a coach is one of the options that I will consider.”

The contract between Ronaldo and Juventus expires after the 2021/22 season. Ronaldo was then 37 years old. He revealed that this might be the time to say goodbye after exactly 20 years of playing. Before joining Juventus, Ronaldo wore Sporting Lisbon, Man United and Real Madrid in turn. Everywhere Ronaldo is shining brightly.

Ronaldo continued: “In life and career, you must be humble because you cannot know everything. With a smart athlete, you need to learn from the smallest to improve. In Juventus, my adaptation is perfect. The team found it right to recruit me. But Ronaldo is always proud of his best efforts.

He stressed: “Ask me why I won 5 gold balls and 5 times the Champions League.”

Ronaldo and his teammates won the Serie A 2018/19 early 5 matches. But CR7’s first season in Italy was not complete when Juventus soon stopped in the Champions League. Ronaldo scored both goals for Juventus in the quarter-final and second-legged match, but the collective play of the team made “Old Lady” fall to Ajax.

In recent years, many world-class football players have followed their coaching career after retiring: Zinedine Zidane, Gary Neville, Steven Gerarrd, Frank Lampard, Thierry Henry and Filippo Inzaghi.

Ronaldo excitedly celebrated his 2-year-old son’s goal. During his break, Cristiano Ronaldo spent time playing football with his twin sons Ever and Mateo. After he successfully scored a penalty, CR7 celebrated his emotions.

Can Golden Ball compete with Messi

If he continues to flourish to help Tottenham rise to the Champions League, Son Heung Min can absolutely challenge Messi and a host of other superstars in the Golden Ball race. Son Heung Min is the most mentioned name in the victory against Man City to Tottenham’s Champions League semi-final with 3 goals after two quarter-finals. Remarkably, he made a miracle without the top scorer Harry Kane due to injury and the burdensome burden on the Korean star.

The 26-year-old is on his way to becoming the star of big matches. This statement not only came from the Champions League quarter-finals but also Son Heung Min’s performances during the 2018/19 season.

After 42 matches in all arenas, the 26-year-old striker scored 20 goals – only one goal in the 2017/18 season. Remarkably, eight goals were made by the 26-year-old star in six Harry Kane games. Before Man City, Son Heung Min also shone when Tottenham clashed with Dortmund, Arsenal and Chelsea.

Even more opinions suggest that he overcame Park Ji Sung sunbae to become the greatest Asian player in history. This view is not without reason. With 12 goals, Son has become the Asian player to score the most goals in Europe’s No. 1 club arena. Previously, he also defeated the legendary juniors to become the most prolific Asian player in Premier League history (42 goals).

Although he has yet to win a noble collective title, Son Heung Min is completely superior to Park Ji Sung in terms of his personal role with the management club. In the press, Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that Son Heung Min deserves to stand alongside the rivals Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool) or Raheem Sterling (Man City) in the race to win the title “Premier League Player of the Year”. But the ambition of the Korean star is probably even further: the Golden Ball.

Hazard reached an agreement with Real in the next few days

The star Eden Hazard is preparing to complete a move to Real Madrid in the next few days after coach Zidane decided to support this deal. Hazard did not hide his admiration for Zidane in the past. And it was enough for the French strategist to return to the Bernabeu to persuade Hazard to be convinced of going to La Liga to play.

Hazard wanted to move to the Bernabeu last summer but Coach Sarri convinced him to stay at Stamford Bridge for another season. However, the Belgian winged star has less than 15 months of contract. He did not intend to extend the Blues even though the London team has offered a salary of £ 300,000 each week.

According to Marca, Chelsea and Real Madrid are now very close to a deal in the Hazard deal. And it is likely that the contract will be announced by both parties in the next few days. Chelsea tied a £ 100m price tag for Hazard last summer. It is very likely that the London side will ask for a similar transfer fee even though Hazard has only 1 year of contract left.

When asked about Hazard yesterday, coach Zidane does not deny a possible transfer. He said that, “I will not give a personal opinion about what could happen because the season has not ended. But I always appreciate him. I watched him a lot when I was playing in France. He is awesome.”

Chelsea are preparing to deal with a transfer ban within 1 year. But the fact that they successfully recruited Christian Pulisic in January could be considered a good alternative if Hazard leaves. The fact that the Belgian star left Stamford Bridge is also a good opportunity for young players like Hudson Odoi to rise. This player’s pitch will definitely increase and that is what can convince him to stay in this team.

Fun facts about English football

In England, football has always been considered a national identity, it shows the spirit and position of this country in the world. Football has always been a topic to discuss lively, sometimes bringing joy and regret to me and the British people.

For someone who is knowledgeable about England and football like me, I will reveal more interesting things about this sport. It is noted that a carved image of a ball near the medieval city of Bristol, and the first soccer shoes belonged to Henry VIII, who made a pair for his collection in the year 1526.

At first, football was a rather violent sport compared to today. However, in the past few decades, football has evolved from a violent sport to a sport of speed and technology, attracting the participation of highly qualified players.

The development of football also reflects the social change taking place in England. In the 1970s and 1980s, football fans and police all liked violence, which was the result of non-industrial processes and rising unemployment in the economy. Today, the picture of English football has also become brighter, the football fields from Cambridge Temple Bournemouth have also become more attractive.

Exciting debates broke out in pubs all over the country on the cause of losing the match in penalty shootouts against the Germans. It has been suggested that since the Premier League Football League was established in 1992, television companies have made billions of pounds from buying broadcast rights.

However, instead of sharing the profits, private companies began buying local clubs and hiring foreign players to increase the attractiveness of English football. Therefore, football is no longer funded by people and no longer attracts local talents. Is that why we failed at the shootouts? I don’t think so, but this will be a topic to debate when you come to England next time.

Max Allegri coach’s future will be decided next week

Juventus coach Massimilano Allegri is expected to meet chairman Andrea Agnelli next week to discuss the future. According to some sources in Italy, the 51-year-old strategist wants to leave the Allianz Stadium this summer after winning 10 domestic titles and two UEFA Champions League finals with the Old Lady.

The teams have been paying attention to Allegri, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Chelsea. However, it did not exclude the possibility that the 51-year-old coach would have a break after leaving Turin. Sky Sports Italia insists, one way or another, the future of the Italian strategist will be clarified next week. Because a meeting with President Agnelli was planned after the match against Atletico Madrid at the end of the UEFA Champions League, where she lost 0-2 in the first leg on Spanish soil.

Juventus wants a clear decision from Allegri about whether he will continue to be in charge of next season. Otherwise, a new strategist will be returned in the summer to replace it promptly. Pep Guardiola, Zinedine Zidane or even old Antonio Conte could be targeted if Max Allegri leaves.

Italian press rumors that this will be the last season of Max Allegri at Juventus. The prediction Allegri left Juve to make way for Zinedine Zidane – former Real Madrid captain and now unemployed, the former General Manager Luciano Moggi. Moggi is not a prophet, but in the position of a former tycoon, what this “godfather” says has weight. Experts and observers agreed with Moggi’s prediction. It is completely grounded.

Max Allegri has nothing to conquer in Italy. He succeeded in a small team, Cagliari. He proved to be in control of an outdated team, Milan. He helped Juventus dominate the past years: 4 consecutive seasons, Allegri’s Juve won 4 Scudetto, won 4 Coppa Italia and 1 Italian Super Cup in 2015. Allegri brought Juve to play 2 Champions League finals after 4 seasons solution. He personally won the Golden Bench award, the title for the best coach in Italy, which was very valuable.

Steven Gerrard returned to training with the Liverpool football team

Former Liverpool captain asked coach Jurgen Klopp to train. He touched so many thanks to his former team during the American Football League break to prepare for the new football season. Steven Gerrard is considered a legendary figure living at Anfield. Before joining Los Angeles Galaxy last summer, the British senior midfielder has 17 years to contribute to Liverpool team 1.

After nearly two decades of dedication to “The Kop”, Gerrard played 708 matches, scoring 186 goals and helping the club win 10 titles, most notably two FA Cup and 1 Champions League titles. Gerrard’s training and his former teammates took place in the rain. Many people joked that Gerrard turned the sun from California to rain on Merseyside.

According to Independent news, in addition to the plan to practice with Liverpool to maintain the physical foundation, Gerrard is also said to be trying to negotiate back to the old team. Meanwhile, some sources said that Gerrard could sign a short-term loan deal to help Liverpool at the end of the season.

However, coach Jurgen Klopp confirmed that the team has no plans to recruit Gerrard. Everything just stopped at the training sessions. The former Liverpool captain took a picture with The Kop fans while attending the Swansea win 1-0 over the weekend.

In a recent interview, Gerrard insisted that he was excited to practice with his former teammates. The former England international also believes Liverpool’s playing style has changed a lot compared to Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool of coach Jurgen Klopp is making drastic changes this season about thinking of playing football with the goal of winning the championship.

There was no need to wait until beating Huddersfield 1-0 with the game that Liverpool chose not to rush to attack in most of the match. They do this to preserve the score, so fans will see “The Kop” this season differently than they were in the past.

Benzema rolled the Champions League football history goal

The opener in the match against Ajax helped Real striker Karim Benzema draw a memorable milestone in the Champions League. Accordingly, Benzema became the fourth player in history to score 60 goals in the Champions League. This goal was also scored by the French striker in the 60th minute of the match after an extremely clever and constructive ball of Vinicius.

Three players on Benzema in this record are Raul Gonzalez (71 goals), Lionel Messi (106 goals) and Cristiano Ronaldo (121 goals). In order to achieve this milestone, Benzema needed 110 matches in the Champions League.

After the previous season struggling, Benzema is returning to himself this season and becoming extremely sharp in 2019 with 8 goals, equal to Messi’s performance. In the past, Benzema was very charming when facing Ajax. The French striker took part in 8 goals (scoring 4 goals, assisting 4 goals) in 6 confrontations with Ajax, the most of his opponents in the Champions League.

Meanwhile, with an assist for Benzema to score, Vinicius Jr. has become Real’s leading creation on all fronts this season with 8 times. Elsewhere, despite having a 600th anniversary match against Real but with a yellow card to receive in the 89th minute, midfielder Sergio Ramos became the player to receive the most yellow cards in Champions League history with 38 times.

In 2004, Benzema and France U-17 team won the European U-17 championship trophy. In 2006, Benzema was summoned for the first time by head coach Raymond Domenech to the French national football team, when he was only 18 years old. In the first match for the team in March 2007, Benzema scored the only goal of the match against Austria after just 8 minutes into the field. His second goal came in the French match 6-0 Faroe Islands.

Euro 2008 is an opportunity for this striker to shine when he is brought into the official squad by coach Raymond Domenech. In the first match against Romania, Benzema partnered with Nicolas Anelka but they both played very personal but did not cooperate with each other so they were replaced in the second half. but still failed to find a goal and Benzema left Euro 2008 without scoring. On May 13, 2010, Benzema was not included in the preliminary list of 30 French players to attend the 2010 World Cup due to the loss of form and disagreement with Domenech.

Football in Vietnam is not just a culture!

Football in the S-shaped country is not only a culture, it is like an immortal religion in every fan. The British are always proud of their cheering culture, where players compete closely with the stands without worrying much about security. Italians are famous for the crazy Ultra in the Milan or Milan derby. Meanwhile, coming to South America, you will probably never forget Boca Junior and River Plate – the classic match thanks to the passionate fans like to explode the audience.

Or Indonesians now feel depressed when someone mentions the National Football League. They boycott by refusing to enter the field to watch the players compete. Or Myanmar, the group lined up in the national stadium to buy tickets to witness Aung Thu and his teammates on the field.

But, when it comes to Vietnam, it is a huge difference, not even comparable when it comes to love with the ball, with the player, with the coach. The vibrant atmosphere crept in every time, everywhere, every smallest aspect you could see.

Going through big football forums on social networks, you will also see many positive things coming from fans all over the country. The consequences of internet development have brought us closer, but still have to admit that Park Hang – Seo and his students have regained their confidence in the past year.

The air of football on the S-shaped strip of land at this time was happening too excitingly, it was no longer a pure entertainment culture but like an eternal religion. Therefore, this will be a great motivation for the team to try harder on the pitch so that there is no believing that tens of millions of hearts behind are waiting.

And these are just a few very small examples of the love of Vietnamese people. Because if you go to My Dinh or Hang Du on the days of ticketing or organizing matches, there is definitely only red, gold stars or even a sea of ​​people three times the estimated number of people inside the stadium.