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Ronaldo set up hattrick in the Euro 2020 qualifier

Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals, contributing to Portugal’s 6-0 win over Lithuania in the Euro 2020 qualifier on November 14.

Three goals in the match on November 14 helped Ronaldo get the 55th hattrick in his career, leaving Lionel Messi three hattrick. The Portuguese striker is currently the most hattrick player in the world of football.

Portugal need three points against Lithuania in order to maintain an advantage in the race to win the second ticket in Group B – where Ukraine has been the most secure group and reached the Euro 2020 final. The hosts were not difficult to lead 2-0 in the first half from Ronaldo’s goals

Portugal 6-0 Lithuania

Right at the seventh minute, Ronaldo brought the penalty and then he opened the score on the spot 11 meters. 15 minutes later, the 34-year-old striker doubled his lead from the outside of the box after a pass from Paciencia.

Ronaldo’s two goals made it easier for Portugal to play in the remaining minutes. The home side played leisurely but still scored four more goals in the second half, thanks to the work of Pizzi, Paciencia, Bernardo Silva and Ronaldo. In it, Ronaldo was the one who decided to win 6-0. The Juventus striker had two situations that helped one step down, but still scored with the help of Bernardo Silva.

In the last seven games for Portugal, Ronaldo has scored 13 goals. He had 98 goals for Portugal, including nine hattrick. Ronaldo is eager to become the second player in history to score 100 or more goals for the national team, after Ali Daei (Iran) with 109 goals.

Ronaldo could have come closer to that milestone, had he not missed the good chance at the end of the match against Lithuania. However, the Juventus striker still has the opportunity to reach the 100-point mark next week, when the Portuguese opponent in the final round of the qualifier is just Luxembourg.

Fernando Santos teachers and students will be forced to win the match against Luxembourg to be second place in the group. Portugal is currently ranked second with 14 points, five points behind Ukraine and one point ahead of Serbia.

Ronaldo is more comprehensive by the coach than Messi

From the perspective of cricket player Virat Kohli, Lionel Messi is a gifted talent, but Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit better at comprehensive playing skills. Ronaldo was given many favorable opportunities against Bayer Leverkusen, but ungainly when finished. In the 88th minute, Ronaldo set a 3-0 victory for Juventus when the front was a big gap to end.

“Comparing between Ronaldo and Messi is always difficult, but CR7 is the most comprehensive player I’ve ever seen. He showed great performance with his right foot, his left foot, using his pace or dribbling. Ronaldo is the great goalscorer. He elevates football and has many fans. If I choose a player for the squad, it is definitely Ronaldo, ”Kohli told Goal.

“I chose Ronaldo because of personal preference. Messi is also a natural talent and the quality of his playing is hard to match. In addition to the comprehensive element, Ronaldo’s will surpassed all of his colleagues. For me, willpower is important in every match, ”Kohli emphasized.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ronaldo

Kohli, 30, is India’s pride in cricket. He is a follower of the king sport and has repeatedly admitted to Ronaldo fans. Kohli affirmed Ronaldo is one of the ideal role models for athletes in the world to learn about professionalism and the desire to succeed.

During 18 years of professional playing, Ronaldo has worn Sporting Lisbon, Man United, Real Madrid and Juventus. The Portuguese striker has conquered every title, with the highlight of 5 Champions League titles and 5 World Ballon d’Or wins. Ronaldo and Portugal won Euro 2016 and Nation League 2019.

Ronaldo is 34 years old but plays regularly and keeps scoring performance. He contributed a goal against SPAL to help Juventus win 2-0. Ronaldo shows off his high-class volley technique In the pre-match training session against SPAL at 8pm on 9/28. Juventus welcomes the return of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo – who is absent in Serie A round 5 because of a thigh injury.

Juventus conceded a goal under a difficult scenario

Within the framework of round 4 of Serie A 2019/20, Juventus welcomes the weak team Verona. At the 20th minute, he was suddenly conceded under a scenario rarely seen in football. Verona was awarded a penalty, but Samuel Di Carmine takes a shot. A quick player takes a quick shot, but the ball hits the bar.

The ball bounced off the edge of Buffon’s goal, making the Juventus fans breathless. However, a surprise occurred when Verona stole the ball and continued to attack. Juventus’s net twice was saved thanks to a column and beam, but Gianluigi Buffon was suddenly defeated by a dangerous shot from the Verona player.

Juventus nhan ban thua theo kich ban kho tuong tuong hinh anh 1

At a distance of about 20 m, Ronaldo’s compatriot Miguel Veloso unleashed a powerful hammer that made Buffon helpless despite flying people to the fullest. Within 2 minutes, the ball touched the column, beam and fell neatly into the grid of Juventus.

Juventus conceded when overwhelmingly comprehensive Verona. After the goal, Ronaldo and his teammates tried to rise, but their attack implementation proved to be not sharp. By the 31st minute, Aaron Ramsey equalized to equalize for Juventus. The former Arsenal midfielder’s shot was weak, but fortunately touched the visitors’ foot and changed direction.

Thanks to Ramsey, Juventus regained the spirit and organized the game. In the 49th minute, Ronaldo stood up to the 11 m mark and easily deceived goalkeeper Verona. In the last minutes, the visitors teamed up with nothing to lose and nearly made a deal.

In a corner, Leonardo Bonucci’s back saved Juventus. After that, the Verona player definitely put the ball on the bar. Ronaldo was given the last chance in this match, but missed on the penalty kick. Juventus won Verona in the final with a score of 2-1. The Portuguese superstar assisted Ramsey and scored from the 11m mark to help Juventus win against Verona 2-1 2-1 in the fourth round match of Serie A.

The hottest match on the planet reappeared in the Copa Libertadores

After creating a troubling final last season, the two giants of Argentine football, River Plate and Boca Juniors, are set to reunite at the Copa Libertadores.

This time, both will encounter in the semi-finals, not the final as a year ago. In the quarterfinals, River Plate defeated Paraguay’s Cerro Porteno 3-1 after two matches. Boca Juniors beat LDU Quito with a total score of 3-0.

These two rival teams will play the first leg at River Plate’s El Monumental on October 1. The second leg took place 3 weeks later at Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera “sanctuary.

The winning team will meet Flamengo or Gremio (both Brazilian) in the final. This season, Boca Juniors got a significant addition, Daniele De Rossi. While River Plate retains the old frame with star Juan Quintero.

River Plate meets Boca Juniors called Superclasico “Super Classics”. This match is considered the most harsh and attractive in South American football.

Tran dau nong nhat hanh tinh lai xuat hien o Copa Libertadores hinh anh 1

Last season, these two giants turned the Copa Libertadores final into the focus of the world with troubles both off the pitch. According to the organizers’ schedule, the final match between the two teams in the previous season will take place at 3:00 on November 25.

However, Superclasico was unable to take place because the visitors’ bus was attacked by River Plate fanatics on their way to Vespucio Liberti. Bottles, stone bricks broke the glass door and injured Boca’s players.

After that, the final was postponed twice and forced to hold at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu to avoid negative developments. In Spain, there was no clash between the fans of the two teams. River Plate finally won the team with a score of 3-1 to win South America.

However, the match still has painful consequences. Exequiel Aaron Neris – a River Plate fan who was stabbed to death by two Boca Juniors fans shortly after the 2018 Copa Libertadores final.

Marca quoted sources from local newspaper Clarin, Aaron Neris, who had been attacked by two strangers and had his thigh artery cut. He was taken to the hospital but due to his injuries, the 21-year-old did not survive.

Where is the Argentina squad to win the 2008 Olympic gold medal

The generation of players Argentina won the 2008 Olympic gold medal, most of them had successful careers, in which the outstanding stars were Messi, Aguero and Di Maria.

Goalkeeper Sergio Romero (Man Utd): Player born in 1987, who takes care of his role for David de Gea at Old Trafford. In our weight, one thing is different.

Defender Pablo Zabaleta (West Ham): After winning the Men’s soccer gold medal in the Olympics, Zabaleta joined Man City. Here, he won two Premier League titles and is now nursing at West Ham club.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho đội tuyển argentina

Defender Nicolas Pareja (Kerala FC): The player born in 1984 has many years of top flight with Sevilla, won two Europa League titles and is now experiencing his final years at the Indian League.

Defender Ezequiel Garay (unemployed): After the Olympic medal, Garay was recruited by Real Madrid in 2009 but did not have many opportunities to prove his talent. He switched to many clubs like Benfica, Zenit and has just finished his contract with Valencia.

Luciano Monzon defender (unemployed): The left-back in the match of Argentina’s gold medal has a decent career. Monzon competes unsuccessfully in Europe and is only hanging around in tournaments in South America. The player born in 1987 fell into a joblessness after the Universidad de Chile extension of his contract.

Midfielder Javier Mascherano (Hebei China Fortune): Mascherano shines in the Premier League with Liverpool and is recruited by Barcelona in 2010. At the Camp Nou, he won five La Liga titles, two Champions League titles and is now focused on making money at the Chinese league.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Midfielder Fernando Gago (unemployed): Gago has 5 seasons to wear Real Madrid from 2006 to 2011, but does not leave too many imprints. After Roma, Valencia, the 1986 midfielder returned to his hometown to play for Boca Juniors and had just finished his contract with the Bombonera.

Midfielder Juan Riquelme (retired): Argentine Olympic “maestro” competes for six more seasons in Boca Juniors colors before retiring in 2014.

Having lost his whistle, the referee must control the match with a harmonica

Unable to find the whistle, the referee Derek Packer asked for help to the harmonica trumpet of the chairman’s son to control the match in the British amateur tournament.

In the match between Tiptree Engraine and Stanway Rovers in the Sunday League (the amateur league of English football) over the weekend, a rare accident happened when the referee … forgot the schedule and didn’t present at the stadium even when the ball is about to roll.

This disastrous incident caused the organizers of the match to go frantically in search of a “fire-fighting” plan. And finally, they decided to ask Derek Packer, a fan on the field and graduated from the referee training class.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Derek Packer

Suddenly assigned the task, this 50-year-old man happily accepted and quickly went home to get “tools” to return to control the match. However, trouble happened again when Mr. Packer could not find the whistle that came with his referee’s outfit. In a confused moment, this man flashed a bold idea.

He noticed in his friend’s car and Tiptree Engraine Club President David Pomphrett had a harmonica that his son left. Incredibly, the “referee” Packer was forced to use it to control this match.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Sharing with Sportbible, President Pomphrett said: “At that time, the referee was not present, while it was getting dark and the lighting conditions were not guaranteed. We did not have a whistle, but there was a harmonica trumpet. My son, Alex, is walking in the car, both teams are present, and we are forced to let the match take place under the control of a harmonica sound, “he recalled.

According to the fans present, they are even more concerned about whether the referee blows each note in different situations rather than keeping an eye on the happenings on the pitch.

“Each note makes the fans feel confused, but to be honest, they are more attracted to the harmonica sound than the referee’s whistle. As for the players, they also understand that this is a controlled game. by amateur arbitration, so no big controversy has occurred “, this chairman shared.

Federer was likened to Ronaldo after beating Nadal in Wimbledon

Sports do not regret the beauty for Roger Federer after he defeated Nadal after 4 sets to enter the Wimbledon final 2019. Federer after winning against Nadal had his 12th Wimbledon final in his career. If you beat Novak Djokovic, you will have the 9th place here, where the Swiss player is named a legend.

On social networks, there are fans who have likened Federer to Cristiano Ronaldo. Both are one of the best at their sport, and the two still play very well despite not being at the age of fitness.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Christopher Abaye’s account commented: “What Federer did was unbelievable. He’s like Cristiano Ronaldo of football. They’re the ones who proved age is just a number.”

Federer’s victory over Nadal convinced many names in the sports world, not only in the football club. On the personal page, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea shared: “Thank Federer for making me love tennis.”

Former Rio Ferdinand midfielder exclaimed: “A legend is still going on”. Meanwhile, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant admired the performance of the two players in the Wimbledon semi-final.

Before Nadal, Federer performed beautifully, effectively. He hit the net accurately, launching left-footed shots. On the other side of the net, Nadal also played quite well but not enough to subdue the Swiss legend on the field of his forte.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Federer

Nadal himself acknowledged the opponent’s excellence. He wrote on his personal page: “A great match, and Roger is the worthy winner. I had some chances but he played better. Good luck in the final.”

Meanwhile, Federer said after the game that this is one of his favorite performances and will definitely review the match with Nadal. The Swiss player also said he could not celebrate after this victory because there are still finals ahead with Djokovic.

Brazil to the Copa America final 2019

The Brazil team after so many failures in major tournaments over the years seems to have found the motto of victory. And the result has come to them as a ticket to the final of the Copa America 2019.

Brazil has excelled over the long-time rival in South America, Argentina, to enroll himself in the Copa America final match this year. Samba team do not appear too overwhelming before Messi and his teammates but they have what they need is that goal to win the final with the score 2-0.

Brazil vào chung kết Copa America 2019: Vẻ đẹp thực dụng, Neymar hết đất diễn - 1

Overall through the entire Selecao journey at the Copa America this time, Brazil has turned into a very different team compared to itself in the past. The Brazil team that many people still know about is an improvised football team and is especially famous for its beautiful attacking style, engaging, bringing excitement and leaving a lot of emotions for the fans.

But over the past years, the national team has often failed in major tournaments, although they still maintain their identity in their play, which is dedication and eye-catching for viewers.

The 2018 World Cup is a typical example. The Brazilian team, under the coach of Tite, brought to Russia the most attractive tournament team on the planet, including good players to turn to the 6th world championship, the most outstanding of which must be including PSG star Neymar.

With the presence of Neymar, the Brazilian team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia will of course choose to play proactively, overwhelming the opponent and have performed an extremely satisfying football in every match. But worth mentioning in that, Brazil is often in big trouble when Neymar appears on the field.

Brazil vào chung kết Copa America 2019: Vẻ đẹp thực dụng, Neymar hết đất diễn - 2

Neymar, despite being a good player, has good personal techniques and is particularly skillful when he has a ball in his leg but he is too fancy and loves to perform and of course, the effect it brings is not high clown.

Therefore, when faced with tough opponents and more organized science, the style of individual football Neymar and Brazil will easily be arrested. The most typical is the defeat against Belgium in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup.

Johan Cruyff and the ball hit the world

45 years ago, on June 19, 1974 saw Johan Cruyff’s classic ball at the World Cup in Germany, the moment that all still known as “Cruyff turn”.

It was the match between Sweden and the Netherlands in the 1974 World Cup group with the main character Cruyff, the supporting character being defender Jan Olsson. Arie Hann brought the ball to the left corner of Sweden. Cruyff kept the ball, and Olsson blocked the ball.

Johan Cruyff va cu ngoat bong thay doi the gioi hinh anh 2

Everything made by Olsson is perfect, from putting pressure from behind to guessing Cruyff’s direction of movement through body movements to provide a suitable foot posture.

When Cruyff was forced to turn his back to the goal and swing his right leg up, and his left shoulder dropped, they all thought of a ball that the Dutch number 14 had to pass to find help from the team. .

But Cruyff, in a perfect move, used his right foot to hit the heel of the ball to the back of the base and immediately turned to rush forward, escaping Olsson’s close follow-up.

Nearly 54,000 spectators present at the Westfalen stadium were shocked. Olsson is completely unexpected. He tried to turn around but could not make it and nearly collapsed, only to see Cruyff escape.

Olsson later told author David Winner of the Brilliant Orange that: “I have played 18 years of high football, wearing the national team 17 times. But the moment that Cruyff surpassed was the moment that made me … most proud of my career. I don’t feel insulted, because facing a genius is not sad?”

Johan Cruyff va cu ngoat bong thay doi the gioi hinh anh 3

Guardian’s Scott Murray pen, for example, said Olsson did exactly 999,999 out of a million possible possibilities, but still failed because Cruyff was the owner of the remaining ball.

What did Cruyff himself say about this great turning point? In the autobiography “My turn”, the Dutch legendary legend talks about making the ball in 1974 as follows: “This turning point I have never done when practicing!” It suddenly came to mind because it was the best solution for my situation, at that particular moment.”

Ronaldo supported Sarri’s coach to move to Juventus

The Italian strategist is likely to replace Coach Allegri in the hot seat of Juventus this summer. After winning the Europa League with Chelsea, coach Maurizio Sarri did not hide his desire to return to Italy after a year away from home. The destination of this 60-year-old strategist could be Juventus.

Tuttosport newspaper said the number one star of Cristiano Ronaldo team agreed with the appointment decision Sarri impressed with the philosophy of attractive attacking football.

Ronaldo kết liễu Thụy Sỹ vào thời khắc quyết định ở cuối trận. Ảnh: PA.

Coach Sarri had experience working with many quality goals. Typically, the duo Gonzalo Higuain, Dries Mertens while leading Napoli and Eden Hazard at Chelsea.

Sarri’s appointment rumors created a wave of protests from “Bianconeri” fans on social networks. Many people think that the appointment of a coach is not a lot of risk is too risky for a club rich in tradition like Juventus.

Besides, Bayern Munich recently confirmed Colombian midfielder James Rodriguez will leave the club this summer. Bild reported that Ronaldo personally called to convince his former teammate to move to Turin.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Ronaldo

The duo maintains a close relationship since they were in Real Madrid. Both have the same representative as Portugal’s Jorge Mendes.

Turin will experience a volatile summer after the departure of Coach Allegri. The Allianz Arena team is forced to close the name of the captain in the chair soon before setting the direction of development in the next season in the context of competitors are showing clear competition, most recently Inter Milan with the appointment of coach Antonio Conte.

This season, the Portuguese superstar made 31 appearances in Serie A, scoring 31 goals and 8 assists, helping Juventus win the national championship but unable to realize the goal of the tournament. Champions League.

Ronaldo started for the night of the Dragao Stadium with a free-kick into the corner of the goal, leaving goalkeeper Yann Sommer on the spot. Swiss guard of the temple misjudged the ball so he could not make it back to prevent Ronaldo from kicking. Switzerland almost got an equalizer at the end of the first half when Haris Seferovic finished licking the crossbar of Portugal.